Monday, April 23, 2018

Insta love - Evgenia Ermilova: Master at Sculpture Painting

One of my recent discoveries on instagram has been the work of Evgenia Ermilova.

I was lazily browsing through the search section when my eye caught a glimpse of  wonderful, lush roses enveloped in pearls. No more to say! The hook was thrown and I caught on it!

In this search process I love when the profile check click turns into an adventurous urge to see more and more. And the more I saw the more in love I fell in her work. It reminded me of decades ago when my mom used to make flower-decorated clay plates, but on a miniature scale and all those memories rushed back warmly.

So who is Evgenia?
She is the creator of the technique called sculptural painting and she creates exclusive watches, panels, mirrors and other interior items. She also runs workshops teaching this technique.

In her words: sculptural painting is an artistic direction that combines the elements of sculpture in the part of the working material - decorative plaster, and the elements of painting in the part of the technique of the palette knife, close to receiving impasto, implying the creation of three-dimensional textures and elements surface by the principle of "one smear - one element".
This technique is also sometimes called "volumetric" or "relief" painting. The names are different, but the essence of the technique is one - creating voluminous colors (and other images) from volumetric plaster with the help of a palette knife.

 I am so taken with this I wish it was possible to take one of her courses! How about you? Do you feel the hook?


Divya N said...

My friend was just telling me yesterday that Evgenia is going to be in Chennai, India in August teaching sculptural painting for over 15 days and she is going to attend it

Maya Kuzman said...

She is one lucky, lucky girl!

Kim said...

Oh indeed, I have fell hook, line and sinker for Evgenia's sublime work. How amazing is that 'clock'. Wouldn't it be the most fabulous thing to take her classes.