Saturday, December 14, 2019

DIY Christmas Ornaments



Here's my selection of non-crochet DIY ornaments. I've chosen these bearing in mind that almost all of them can be made out of recycled or repurposed materials, a quality that gives them a green stamp. 

So, while browsing through these,  think of old fabric, old felt pieces, left-over yarn, ribbons, books, glasses, pegs - the sorts you can (re)use, make something beautiful and prolong their life. 

Pine cones and pipe cleaners have never been more cuter together! Idea by Handmade Charlotte.

It's never a dull idea to give a new shine to old baubles. By Maria Marie.


I absolutely love Claire's repurposing DIYs - that woman has a wondrous mind! I am linking to two of her projects - ornaments she made out of eye-glasses and cotton reels + maps

Get some wooden beads and turn them into magical ornaments. Via pinterest. 


Here I might throw in my Bohemian Pom Poms tutorial. These make quite a sight on the tree!

Make your pegs' lives more exciting! Via pinterest.

I don't think it's wise to hang these adorable pillows baubles on the tree, but if you feel adventurous, go for it!  

Studio DIY shares the sewing tutorial for these ornament pillows, and I also found this holiday lights pillow tutorial by AwwSam.

Make your Christmas magical!


Divya N said...

A Great set of ideas, the cushions look adorable.

handmade by amalia said...

I choose the little pegs.

Karren Haller said...

Mary as I was looking around I ran onto the picture of the reuse of glasses, what a very clever idea. I just gave away a bag of glasses that I could have made those cute decorations, they could even be suncatchers!!Thank you for visiting to share your Carnival Scarf!!
Happy Spring!