Friday, February 12, 2010

As simple as it gets

My grandma Marika once received a Simplicity pattern book as a gesture of gratitude from one of her satisfied clients. The pattern book is from the summer 1979. The covers are a bit faded and dog-eared at the corners but the inside of it is intact. I inherited this book and now it has its special place in my sewing corner.
Although I have an enormous number of sewing magazines (Burda mostly) it makes me a great pleasure to take this book once in a while and flip through it, searching for ideas and filling my eyes with beautiful creations!
Lately I have been returning to these pages looking at these simple, yet great dresses. Although the design of these is almost the same as my Cupcake and Bronte dresses, I can't shook off the pattern and am actually thinking of making another one - the plain white one is my favourite!

This pattern is also attractive, only I wouldn't make the edges pointy!

And then, there's this!

I remember having a pleated shirt when I was a child - something similar to this, and promised myself that I'll make this top for the summer! I already have the perfect fabric for it. Can't wait!

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Jodi Wade said...

A pleated top like that black one would be gorgeous.