Friday, February 5, 2010

Blue flowers

When I first saw this linen I know it was destined to be a shirt. A dress would also be lovely with the design but not in linen.

I had several ideas for the neckline. First I wanted to make a ruffled collar, then I thought that maybe it would be cute if I make a casing for a silk light blue ribbon which would tie up-front. I discarded all those ideas and went for the easiest thing. I think it is appropriate for this kind of shirt and that I wasn't wrong.

Eva wasn't quite cooperative today and goofed around (even if I bribed her with a pack of the Littlest Pet Shop stickers) so I didn't manage to make a lot of pictures. I couldn't make her tie her hair and she gave me the bull nose-blowing quite often (she thought it was hilarious!).
However I tried to pick the best ones today. Should have been lot better. Ah, OK.


Tuppence said...

Oh my! My daughter loves littlest pet shop also. Her pics came out cute. I like her teeny-tiny bit of saucy in her attitude. The blouse itself is lovely. I love the simplicity in its design. So clean, so gentle.

RheLynn said...

Beautiful shirt and I love the candid shots - see the 'real' in her attitude and thoughts running through her head, very 'real kid.' Will have to link to your blog and come back often to see what you are doing :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you RheLynn! I'd be delighted to have you around!