Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wishful knitting

I have actually managed to sneak from the heap of work I have and type a word of two here.
Today it was so sunny outside I woke to the feeling it's spring. That didn't last long. The scenery was soon blackened by the most evilish looking clouds which brought a tremendous wind swirling everything on its way (I swear that for a moment I thought I'd see houses and cars flying up and above) to be instantly replaced by a dull, grim rain. And after all this weather tantrums, the sun appeared again in its full glory. I feel like living in England (said in a British accent).

The change of the weather reminded me that spring is inevitably on its way (shush - I don't want March to hear me say this*) and that there are "winter" things I put off not for days or months - but for years!
I am referring to these:

These two sweaters have officially been on my "to do" list for two years now. I don't think I'll start knitting them anytime soon - that's for sure, and who knows how I'd feel about them next year. Time will show.
(*This refers to a folk story about the 12 months and how February lost some of its days. I'll save this for some other post.)

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