Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pink pants

I had forgotten about this pair of pants. I made them when Eva was on winter holidays, but never found the time to make pictures. I lined the inner part with beautiful linen.

The idea is the pants to be worn as 3/4 by lifting the hoses up, but she can still wear them as ordinary pants, with the linen part not showing at all.

I was dying to make heart-shaped pockets at the back, but Eva was against the idea on the premises that boys at school would tease her! (Was this a whim of a kind or is this a sign of puberty! God helps us all!!). She didn't want any pockets at all (no particular reasons offered). I still believe that heart-shaped pockets would be soo cute!


Emer said...

Love the pants, would like to make a pair for my daughter, she is 8. Is the pink fabric flannel. Are they fully lined with the flower fabric?I am also on burdastyle and found your blog there.

Maya Kuzman said...

Hello Emer! I am glad you like the pants. The pink fabric is not flannel although it appears like it from distance. It is a blend of a kind but the softest and certainly the thinnest woolen fabric I've ever had.
I didn't line the pants with the flower fabric simply because it is linen and you know linen is a sturdy material so I knew it would make the pants budge on all sides. In the pictures the lining is shown at its fullest.
As for the pattern, I didn't use any. I just used an old pair of pants which I copied onto the fabric. I hope this was helpful. Thank you for writing!