Sunday, February 21, 2010

The end of the week

Textile necklace

Well this has been a really tiring week, having visiting family at home, one child recovering from a cold, the other down with a cold, daily routines driven off the track, house being a cluttered state of affairs, all craft sent to wasteland, handmade neglected, translations piling up in the mail -well wonder I've been feeling quite exhausted actually.

Thankfully it all ended yesterday. So I managed to put my hands at this pretty thing and need a patch or two and several more beads to finish it.

Earlier I found this cute embroidery of a Dutch lady made by my mom. This one was made when I was a child but mom didn't bother to frame it and it was in the pile of unfinished embroidery.

Look at the tiny stitches she did. I will never do this to my eyes!

Unfortunately I don't have a frame where this cutie could be housed so it'll have to wait for a bit more.
Speaking of never doing anything to one's eyes - just as I typed the words I remembered of a pendant I've made a year ago. Here it is:

It is not alone.
It has got a brother.

Remembered this just in time to obstrigillate my "never' statement! Serves me right!

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Tuppence said...

Glad to hear your craziness has calmed down for you. Now you have a chance to catch your breath.

Oh, and those little pendants are so darn cute!!!