Saturday, May 8, 2010

The doily blouse

I have made this blouse the same day I made this one. As a matter of fact I made three that day. The third one for me. Just like the red one because I had plenty of the fabric. Mine is not adorned - that makes it possible for me to wear it with different scarves, jewelery, etc. A detail will have certainly limited the possibilities.

I didn't plan to leave Eva's plain. I had in mind an applique or something, but couldn't decide on anything and yesterday, piling up the things needed to be finished (and those are numerous - take my word) I experimented with the doily and where would be best to place it.
And this is the result. The doily blouse.

I recycled one of her old pair of tights to make these knee-length cuties.
So now she has a matching pair of socks.

She didn't know what I was doing with the blouse and when she saw it like this she just said: "Oh, mom - it's gorgeous!" Isn't that the greatest reward for a mom?!
In continuation - The Rhapsody in ruffles.


Papgena Made It said...

I like it a lot!
I love when my daughter say thanks the ways yours did!

Leisel said...

So beautiful! And your model-- she has got the 'look'! Love it!

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