Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Rhapsody in ruffles

Well here is the ruffled top with the ruffled collar. It's made of the lightest cotton in soft blue.
For the top I didn't use any pattern. I just drew it with a chalk on the fabric.

The construction was quite easy, and the ruffles were fun to make.
The front part of the bodice is shorter than the back. Up front I added a ruffle in circles.

At the back I sewed three rows of ruffles and I like the effect they create.

When trying it for the first time, Eva wasn't quite satisfied with it. She kept saying: "I look just like a conductor! All I need is an orchestra!"

And the rambling went on and on.... (Look at me! I am growing a tail! What am I to do with it?!)

Eventually, when it was finished and when I made a tiny belt for it she took all her words back.
The photos are witness to it. She enjoyed the photo shoot - I didn't even have to bribe her. Now she thinks it's adorable and asked if she may wear this to school on Monday.
Here's the link to the tutorial


Jodi Wade said...

It's very sophisticated.

Eva is a beautiful model!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Jodi!

RheLynn said...

Your needle has been very busy lately! I love all the projects - the shirts look so carefree and happy! Eva look very happy in her photoshoot and she will look wonderful on Monday at school!

Papgena Made It said...

The top is gorgeous!!!
the model helps too!

Tuppence said...

This shirt is gorgeous. I love the ruffles!!!!

Leisel said...

Your model is gorgeous! Oh, and the shirt, too. ;0) Thanks for linking on Wardrobe Wednesday.

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Andrea @ said...

I love it. She is definitely a natural when it comes to modeling! Very cute.

Penny said...

So grown up!
Stopping by from Tea Rose Home :)

Sachiko said...

The color of the shirt is so pretty!

Beth said...

It's so cute! And your little model is awesome

chris said...

The ruffles are lovely, and I love the lavender color. I think your model must love it as well!