Monday, May 31, 2010

A nice surprise!

Last week I received quite an unexpected yet wonderful surprise by the amazing Papgena Made It who awarded me with this:

Thank you Papgena! Since I started blogging I've never been awarded and tagged and I know I am going to enjoy this.
So according to 'the rules' I have to say 10 random things about me.

1. I love all things vintage. I collect vintage things but mostly things that belonged to my family and have a special emotional value.
One of those is this lovely fish brooch I received from my grandma which I will treasure forever.

2. I am crazy about books - I always say that it is as if someone has put a curse o n me. I am an avid reader and I am proud of it! I can get lost in libraries forever. My likes vary to the extremes. However as a BA in English language and literature I have a softness for British writers.
An anecdote: About 7 years ago I discovered Terry Pratchett. I fell for his humour and imagination in a heart beat. And there I was sitting alone in a crowded bus station, waiting for an intercity bus and reading his "Wyrd Sisters". Suddenly I found a dialogue in the book so hilarious I actually laughed out loud. Couldn't restrain myself! People must have thought I was nuts! I still get a throbbing feeling of embarrassment when I think of that awkward instance! I have made a mental note to myself: Pratchett mustn't be read in public places!

3. I love fairies, dwarfs, witches and wizards, knights and pirates and the lot. I am a bit sad Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia didn't exist when I was a child to spice my childhood a bit. However, I am glad they are part of my children's childhood. (Correction - the two latter did exist only they were not popular nor translated back then!).

4. I am profoundly interested in ethnology! I love discovering and learning about the customs and traditions of my and other countries. At the time being I am studying our traditional folk costumes. The ultimate goal I've set for myself is to make (sew) an authentic female costume regardless of how time consuming and difficult it turns out to be.

5. I love photography! I am not as good as I would like to be and I am considering taking a course this summer. I love taking pictures of my family and nature. Oh, when it comes to taking pictures I also have a thing for doors (and windows). There is a reason why. I'll leave that as a topic for another post.

6. As mentioned above, I love nature in its every form and shape. And I am obsessed with environmental issues and preservation of our planet. I love being able to raise the consciousness of the young people for the environment through my profession and I hope that small contribution shall pay off in the future.

7. We would love to have a cottage in the mountains as a retreat from all the hubbub of the modern world. With a huge garden with lots of trees and flowers. And a place where I would be able to grow my own food. That would be something!

8. I love old-fashioned correspondence! In the past (before my children were born) I corresponded with lots of people for many years. There was literally no place in the world where I didn't have a pen friend. But I stopped doing that and still miss it. Letters have a special charm for me!

9. Traveling fills my batteries to the fullest! Many places I've been - thousands more to discover! Possible destination for this summer: Italy!

10. I used to write prose and poetry! I still keep my writings and occasionally plunge into them only to find myself amazed at the different angle of perception with every single approach at them! But deep inside I have always wanted to write children's books. Maybe one day I will do that. Who knows?
This blog is a proof of my inclination to write - especially this post. I just hope that I didn't kill you to death with my story today! So let's this be the end of it!

Furthermore, as part of the award I have to nominate other blog authors for it.

I will choose:
1. Emily@ravenhill
2. Mai@mairuru
3. Tuppence@momfetti
4. Vasilka@arheoblog

If you haven't visited them yet, don't hesitate! You''ll immensely enjoy them!


RheLynn said...

Ditto on the Terry Pratchett - our Esmerelda is named after Granny, in a way.

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh my! Granny Weatherwax is my favourite! Although Nanny Ogg has proven worthy of 'worshiping' I like Esme better!
I didn't know that about your Esme - how cute!

Papgena Made It said...

oh i love the fish and love books too! Harry potter, narnia and tolkien are among my favourites too but i'm current obsessed with robert jordan! :)