Sunday, May 2, 2010

A fantastic day out!

We spent yesterday hiking the mountain overlooking our city. Up there, there is a wonderful almost secluded meadow, we constantly go to. We have a spot on that meadow under a wild cherry tree which we like to refer to as "our place".

The undisturbed nature, the carpet of wild field flowers spread all over the meadow, the buzzing of the insects and the song of the birds really make each visit a memorable one.

All winter I have dreamed of lying under the branches of the cherry tree looking up at the beautiful flowers, but sadly, they were gone. The cherry tree flowers have over bloomed and faded away.

We picked flowers, made a wreath, and did a little walking around to discover more unusual flowers. Then we played tag, braided our hairs and told stories.

Look at these! Dad went down a slope to get them for me! He almost broke his neck doing it (his words)! What a nice gesture of love ;)

Couldn't wish for a more beautiful day!


Jodi Wade said...

I love the picture of the braided hair with flowers in it. Isn't it great that it is Spring! :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Yes, Jodi! When I sat down under the tree, with the bouquet in my arms,endeavored by the fragrance of spring, I told my husband: "I won't be sorry if I die right now, because this really feels like heaven."

Anonymous said...

Prekrasno!!! Ovo neobicno cvijece su divlje orhideje :) Ja ih obozavam.