Friday, May 7, 2010

Ruffled collar tutorial

I just finished a top for Eva. It has ruffles, more ruffles and nothing but the ruffles, so to speak. For the top I used the same ruffled collar as I did for my Bronte dress.

And I documented the process as I went along, so here it is.

The ruffled collar tutorial

Cut out the piece of fabric on the fold with slightly curved edges and sew those edges.

Turn the collar right side out.
Here it is.

Next sew a running stitch near the bottom and when finished
pull the bottom thread to ruffle it.

(On the side bar I have a tutorial on ruffling
so you may check it up for this)

When done with the ruffling pin the collar to the top.
Cut off the excess fabric and threads. Sew to fix it in place.

To finish it you may use a bias tape or a ribbon. I used this cute
decorative ribbon, which I think gives it a cute finishing touch.

And you are done!
The top I made with this collar is really cute, but I decided to take some photos tomorrow. Somewhere outside. It really deserves it. Because today it's "cloudy no - wait- it's sunny -' shall I rain' - oh I just can't make up my mind" weather, and the shadows it makes in the house are just terrible for photo shooting.
So, until tomorrow, take care.
Update: Here's a peek of the finished piece!


Papgena Made It said...

i'm curious...

Debra said...

This is now on my "to-do" list! Thanks so much!

Susie Q said...

Thank you! WHY didn't I think of this? My daughter has to wear collared shirts to her charter school. Hard to find unless they are polos and she gets tired of them...been wearing polos for 8 years now to school...2 more years of them. But I can put these on some of her collarless shirts and she can wear them OR she can wear them under a might have inspired a 'dickey' to go under overshirts! THANK YOU!