Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lavender Dress

This is my Lavender dress. I love it! I feel great in it! It's in my favourite colours!

There was a school celebration last Tuesday on which I was to wear this particular piece. So on Monday, I rolled my sleeves up (not literally because it is like 40 degrees outside and it feels like hell) and I sweated on it for what felt like ages. The reason was that I used two different sizes to make it.

I used a larger size for the bodice and a smaller size for the lower part (the skirt). I have never done that with Burda's patterns, but there is always a first time for everything.
When I combined the two fabrics I knew that I will use organza for the belt and I think the colours match perfectly.

And although I have used this particular web like organza in many projects I forgot that it'll rip off when I put the zipper. And it did. And I thought that my brain is not functioning well due to the heat. So I appliqued a piece over it (Eva calls it 'the butterfly') to hide it and I think it is a nice detail. I mean a nice cover up when you mess things up.

I especially love the roses. They look great. Although, now when I watch the pictures, I think that their arrangement should be changed.

And to finish the story: just as I was about to sew the straps, my husband's comment threw me in the gutter (he actually said I looked as if washed out) so I lost interest in finishing it! Needless to say I wore something else for the celebration.

However, I wouldn't be myself if I let a comment knock me out so I finished it yesterday so that I could wear it today for the graduation reports awarding ceremony for my class. I felt great.


Jodi Wade said...

I'm glad your didn't let your husband's comment completely destroy your motivation.

The roses are divine, the dress is gorgeous. I love lavender.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Jodi! You are a sweetheart!

Tuppence said...

I especially like this for a summer dress. It has such a defined shape and isn't one of those 2-piece sack looking things that are all over now. Those are cute for kids, but not so cute on real women! This dress fits your curves nicely and is so flattering. The color is so perfect for the season, too. Nice and refreshing and cool!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Tuppence! I am so glad you like it and that is one gorgeous comment you left on it! It certainly lifts up my morale up!

Clara in Paradise said...

I am sorry, but what did you husband mean by that (I am lost here). Anyways, you know that our testosterone-afflicted brothers sometimes have a way of saying things that sound more hurtful than they really intended, so ignore at will.

The dress is gorgeous. It fits you well, and you should wear it with pride. Rock on, girl!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Clara! Your comment means so much tome!

Patricia said...

Lovely dress, glad to hear you did wear it. You should be very proud of the end result!

anne maskell said...

I think you dress is lovely! What do men know about fashion anyway? lol
I'm visiting with TRH, hope you visit me too!

ByNightCreations said...

That dress is just Beautiful! I love it!

Citra said...

The dress is adorable and it suits you skin well, love love love !!!
& I love lavender colour too
& do not hear your husband, man doesn't know anything about faboulousness

btw, i'm visiting from Tea Rose Home
i'm glad if you can visit me too

Leisel said...

Ohhhh! I LOVE lavender! And the roses are fab--

Thanks for linking!

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