Saturday, June 12, 2010

My little painter!

Here school ends on the 10th of June to the ultimate joy and excitement of all school-going children, and of course - their parents! And because many children go on holidays after the 10th the teachers in the kindergartens also keep up with the schedule and sort of end up the school year with shows and by giving children their creations made throughout the year. (Although they work during the summer months but with reduced capacity).

When I say creations I mean drawings. This is a small part of what my little painter brought home:

On the back of the drawing the teacher always writes down what the topic was that class, but this wasn't the case this year. There's no explanation why so we sort of guessed what he draw.

(A self-portrait.)

Question: What's with the huge head?
Answer: I'm happy.

(A tree)
We have a Tree Day here so probably this was done to mark the occasion.

(No verbal caption for this one. I am so sorry for the poor thing. He looks so sad...)

I collect all my children's drawings for them. I think they are going to appreciate such Memorabilia when they grow up.

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