Thursday, June 17, 2010

Traditional dance show

Today Eva had her traditional dance show. They have been preparing the whole year for this show and she was anxious when the actual day came. Traditional music, dances and songs were presented and we quiet enjoyed it.

The only drawback was that it was held out in the open, near the bank of the river, with no sign of a shadow. What was the organizer thinking when they scheduled the show to begin at 6 p.m (the children were there before 5 - mind you) when the temperature was almost 50 degrees Celsius, is a great enigma. The poor children and the parents along, were literally cooked under the burning sun. Especially the children with the costumes, woolen aprons, the pantyhose, the woolen socks the boys wore. But, luckily no one collapsed.

The girls received simplified copies of the traditional costumes with plain long shirts (dresses), aprons, and kerchiefs.

The boys had the complete costumes with long shirts, belts, trousers and socks.

(A spontaneous act: Just before the show, Jacob running to give her a good-luck hug)

The musicians were also dressed accordingly and played fantastically!

The drummer with the traditional, intricately embroidered vest.

The children gave us quite a performance and received a gigantic applause.

Eva danced perfectly. We were so proud.


Ravenhill said...

This looks enchanting. I adore traditional music and dance. Eva looks like she has been doing it all her life, natural and with ease and skill, not to mention extreme pleasure. What fun for you all. You certainly have good reason to be proud!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
~emily xo

Little Treasures said...

Thank you Emily :)
Happy weekend to you too!

Clara said...

Your daughter looks lovely, albeit a little hot. The costumes are very cute too.

Ophelia.k said...

It's beautiful!! I know it was too hot, but under the sunshine, the dress looks stunning.
Yourdaugter looks so cute!
I had never experienced 50 degree before!! Where do you reside if you don't mind to be asked?

Papgena Made It said...

50 degrees???? C'um caraças!!!!

But they all look amazing, the costumes are beautiful!
Your daughter is so graceful!