Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vintage Treasure Hunt

Today I have some beauties to show you. They all come from a very gifted and masterful lady who left a ton of embroidered gobelins and crocheted tablecloths and doilies. My husband's grandmother. She passed away this summer and left an interesting - craft related - heritage.

Her house was a little treasure vault. There were more than 15 large scale gobelins which must have taken years to complete. All her gobelins were from Wiehler and included mostly works of the old masters like Iphiginie, Young Couple in Spring, Girl at the Well, many of the landscapes and my favourite - The Shepherd's idyll.

{The Shepherd's idyll}

My mother in law offered me to take anything from the craft supplies left, and when I saw what I was having I felt as being in heaven. This included yarn, floss, buttons, needles, gobelin schematics and adequate fabric, ribbons and million other whatnots. Hardcore crafters know what I mean. But I won't reveal everything in one post. When we went to her house I forgot to take my camera with me (wanted to kick myself later) so I took some photos with my husband's phone. If any of them prove to be worthy of seeing the day, I'll show them in my next post.

I inherited all the doilies shown here (and maybe I'll get some more if my mom in law doesn't take the others), there is a swooning, gorgeous , to die for embroidered tablecloth I am negotiating to win and embroidery floss. Lots of it. Like a heap - NO- like a mountain! I had to sit down when I opened the boxes and bags and saw all that beauty!! So, until next time!


Divya said...

OMG what rummage through drawers of "treasure"..I am sure you'll make something wonderful with the supplies

Unknown said...

Oh my word Maya, your husband´s grandmother left behind a sheer treasure... The doilies are so beautiful and the gobelin extremely romantic... Do you know whether your husband´s grandmother made these herself, exquisite work!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

What treasures, I am so glad they are going to a good home. That needlepoint is a masterpiece, the colour is beautiful.

ByNightCreations said...

I am speechless! these are so, so, so beautiful! and in such good hands too ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh LUCKY YOU!!!! Look at the gorgeous work she produced! I can see why you'd be in heaven! I'd be too, that's for sure! :)

Vanessa said...


These are the best things to have. How lovely!


San Vasro said...

Oi, Maya!
Lindo seu cantinho, adorei esses motivos!
San Vasro

misfitknits said...

hello maya! i have only found your blog yesterday, but i must tell have i've already found so much inspiration here! so firstly, thank you for posting for us all, it truly is a gift!

and secondly, i couldn't pass this post up without commenting: those crochet motifs & mini-doilies are amazing! O_o thank you for taking such great pictures of them because they are unique & i'd love to try & recreate them!!

<3 misfitknits