Saturday, June 15, 2013

A heart garland and some awesome win

A couple of weeks ago I won Annemarie's awesome giveaway!

I cannot describe the feeling of wonderful anticipation while slowly opening the envelope. And then slowly taking one thing at a time, deliberately waiting before taking another one out just to prolong the feeling of happiness. Annemarie included some gorgeous items for me as you can see from the picture

The kitty meter - what can I say! It is double sided and it shows units in meters and inches. Just what I needed!!

From the heart cutouts I made a garland for the upcoming etsy craft party.
Thank you Annemarie for the wonderful gifts!!


Michele Pacey said...

That tape-measure is adorable. What a delightful package all around! Congratulations Maya! :)

Ilse Nadort said...

It is Always wonderfull to receive gifts and especialy when you have won something. Enjoy it and hopefully you get lots of inspiration out of the magazine as well. And lots of fun at you Etsy party.

Ira Huberts said...

Oh cool! Congrats on winning this great candy Maya, enjoy!