Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Fabulous Ideas to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Via London Bride

Are you ready to welcome spring into your home?
We certainly are!

When it comes to decorating at home and beautifying the living space, even the plainest of vases with a bright and colorful flower arrangement can instantly freshen up the room, bring positive energy and lots of happiness.

In continuation I selected five fantastic ideas how to welcome spring at home without going over the budget, and yet have a modern and eye-catching spring home décor.

Via the Waen Collection & the London Bride

These flower terrariums are gaining more and more on popularity. The perfect centerpiece for your cocktail table.

 Via Honestly WTF
How about making a flower chandelier?
Your guests will certainly be amazed with such an installation!
 Via Plump Pretty Sugar Blog
Adding colorful, floral throw pillows is another way of adding that spring touch.
 Via Crfafteberry Bush, WittanDelight & Yao Cheng Design
Then there are the flower vases. The trend has a broad use - you can arrange flowers in buckets, jars, bottles and glasses. The effect is the same - an absolutely gorgeous setting.
Via Ella Claire & The Cottage Market 

Via Pretty Designs & Farmhouse Touches
And lastly - flower hangers. Whether a hanging pot or a round hanging shelf - use them to decorate empty spaces and wide windows.
Via Topista & Industry Standard Design
I hope you've enjoyed this post and use some of these ideas to welcome spring to your home!


Divya N said...

I absolutely love the rose chandeliers. I have seen chandeliers with jasmine or marigold but never with roses. It looks so beautiful. Please share the links too, so that I can check it out

Maya Kuzman said...

I found the links on pinterest. They are all in my Spring Home Decor Board. Linking was hellish today.

krishna said...

That rose chandelier is very unique... love it..

Please visit:

Sandra Lee said...

All beautiful ideas and the pops of color on the pillows is gorgeous!

Mary K. said...

These are all gorgeous Maya. That chandelier with the flowers has got me swooning!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Krishna!

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Soooo many lovely flowery ideas. Thank you so much for that, dear Maya, cause flowers always make me happy!
I really like the very first picture and I love the arrangement with the many little bottles. I've got plenty myself ;-) - but with Moneypenny around the arrangement would soon be a complete mess. Therefore the beautiful chandelier would be perfect instead but then my husband would be furious if I started drilling holes in the ceiling... Sigh...