Saturday, September 4, 2010


I never get bored by these genuinely inspiring magazines.
Whether it's Cotton friend, Pochee or Pattern book.

Today I bought lace to make myself a dress inspired by these.
I am going to draft the pattern and hopefully have it ready next week.
That is if I manage to get near the sewing machine...


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Agreed, these are inspiring, fresh and beautiful. Love the simplicity of the garments and the models. I can't wait to see your dress reveal!

Emer said...

I cant wait to see your dress too. I have some lace here that I have been wanting to use, but dont know what to make.

Bola said...

Ahhh I love, love, love these books! I have the stylish pattern book with tunics and I just adore the photography- yes, truly inspiring!

Ophelia.K said...

Japanese sewing and craft books are really famous in the world nowadays which makes me very happy.
I want to see your dress!!

Valerie said...

i'm a fan, too !
I have the books where the second picture is from. and made a few things out of it for my daughter.
i need to get back to clothes sewing . this Fall.
please show us what you've made !!