Monday, January 18, 2010


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If I say that I was mesmerized by this masterful creation, that would be an understatement!
I absolutely felt thunderstruck during the show. The greatest reason why I experienced the film the way I did is my restrain to read anything in connection with the film. I didn't even know what the story is about. I've only seen this picture of Neytiri (shown above) and that was enough to let my imagination run wild. I didn't know it can run that wild!

The world Mr.Cameron has created is beyond fantasy and imagination! Every scene of Pandora's nature is pure surprise and delight for the senses. The photography is simply breathtaking and truly striking! The story is not quite new so to speak, but is exploited fantastically. And through the eyes of the Na'vi we can see our race as it is: obstreperous, so it comes easy for one to take the side of the natives. Because on their planet - we are the aliens.

Image property of 20th Century Fox

I loved seeing the ways of the Na'vi. They live the lives of the Neolithic men yet are strongly bonded spiritually, mentally and physically with everything living and breathing on their planet. Nothing is taken for granted. Not even the tiniest seed. Something we have long ago forgot about.

Image property of 20th Century Fox

What is the message of the film?
Everybody is free to interpret it the way (s)he desires. However, behind the inclination to entertain I think that the film has a deeper massage.
I would like to think that with this one Mr. Cameron is shaking us by the shoulders to make us realize what we are actually doing to our planet. That we have Pandora right here in front of our feet! That we have to see each other!

If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it to you! Go visit Pandora. You'll be blown away!

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