Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This was the third of the original trilogy of dresses but those who read me know that it was delayed because of its belt. It was a real pleasure making this dress. The design is slightly similar to the Bronte dress. This one has a shawl -like neckline and different sleeves.
The velvet didn't give me any trouble as I was dreading it will.

Everything went pretty neat. Until I came to the belt. It wouldn't be right if I say that it made me hell. Hell is a place I could go on vacation. That was true suffering without measure.

First I started embroidering a design I made myself but the silver thread had so much synthetic in it it wriggled in all possible directions. When I was almost finished with embroidering the belt I didn't like it any more. Couldn't stand it to be exact. So I dropped that and started another one.

I don't know what part of my brain was not functioning right when I decided to make the dress with taffeta! Appliqued - mind you! Yes, it looked fantastic when I laid out the cut-out pieces on the velvet, but as soon as I started actually sewing it - well that was a horror scene. The pieces were easily severed by the machine needle so I sewed them by hand, which turned out to be slightly less difficult. Try sewing taffeta on velvet - there's a challenge!
I had the center piece embroidered for another project but thought it would suit the belt more.

Now when everything is over, I might say I like it. Yes, I do. I like it a lot.
May say the trouble was worth it!


Tuppence said...

I love this dress. The neckline is fabulous- so flattering and so beautiful.

For what it is worth, the belt looks stunning- so in the end I am glad you made it after all.

Little Treasures said...

Oh, Thank You Tuppence! Every time I look at it - I like it more and more. I guess being persistent pays after all.