Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rubbies and lace dress

My newest addition to the dress collection. The Rubbies and lace dress.

I love how it turned out. After writing my yesterday's post I wasted about two hours trying to add some pink to it in order to enter it for the competition. I tried hard, I turned my stash of laces ribbons, and bands upside down, but whatever I tried just didn't seem right for the dress. I had it stuck in my head that it has to have a bibbed lace front and that was it. Besides I didn't like how it looked with the pink on although I have not against combining those two colours.

So I followed my intuition and this is the result. And I am sorry dress - it was just your luck - no competition for you!

I am off to prepare for the film. And I am going to wear this beauty!


Tuppence said...

Oh I love it! I can't believe it is wool- it looks so lightweight. I think you were right in not adding the pink. Shame about the competition, but excellent about the dress!

Little Treasures said...

Yes it is the thinnest wool I've ever got my hands on. And the down side is that it wrinkles like hell! It's the synthetic blend of the threads that's what it is. Still, the fabric is really pleasant for wear.

Jodi said...

I love this dress! It's gorgeous with that lace.
I saw that competition and I'm really not too sure how to combine pink and red well...