Monday, January 11, 2010

I rolled up my sleeves...

and finished a couple of things. Leaving the kids with their grandparents leaves me a lot of free time on my hands to do things that have to be done and projects to be finally completed. I have a week to make 'several things' (including the dresses I wrote about several posts back, decide on which embroidered belt I am to use with the blue velvet, sew a dress for Iva and several necklaces I've been working on). The list keeps getting longer and longer and I keep adding things to it!
So, while sorting out through things I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this...

This is an embroidered pillow that I nearly finished (you'll see later why it is nearly finished) the week my daughter was born. And that was in 2001!! I just love looking at it - the colors as well as the whole composition of the wreath is so refreshing, relaxing and inspiring.

I can just kick my behind for being so forgetful of beautiful things around me.
The reason I said it is nearly finished is due to the two violets down bellow. See - their center parts are not done! Something that can be finished in a jiffy!

I also made some wristlets in black (which is not my favourite colour at all, and you shall not see many uses of it here on my blog. I had this ball of black wool scattered about and opted on getting done with it for good.

I embellished the plain ones with a burgundy red silk ribbon.

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