Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Summer Headbands - crochet pattern release


I am currently elbow deep in creating a summer collection that consists of crochet accessories, jewelry and garments and these lovely summer headbands are a small part of it. 
There are 3 patterns I just added in the shop: the bobble, crown and ladder headbands. I love them all dearly, but somehow the bobble headband managed to steal my heart. 
We plan a little photo-shoot when we have everything ready, and honestly, I cannot wait for it!

The pattern is here


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Those are pretty looking headbands that you crocheted Maya. I love the colors and the stitch!

Maya Kuzman said...

The colors make me giddy everytime I look at these :)

Kim said...

What a joy it must be to be elbow deep in your crochet pretties, Maya.

linda said...

So pretty, I love these.