Monday, July 20, 2020

Vintage Crochet Inspiration


From today's perspective, I feel a bit sad I didn't urge my grandma to teach me make lace crochet blouses. Not that she made any, but that woman had a incredible brain and I believe she could whip up one just by looking at it. At least that is what she did when she set up on making some intricate tablecloths there was no pattern of. 

She did made me a ton of woolen sweaters though and a couple of dresses, because those were quite popular when I was a teenager. I developed my love for lace crochet blouses in my twenties, when my style started to shape up and I have retained that love for them ever since. 

For this post I selected several pieces that make me swoon every time I revisit my boards on pinterest.

Do you like vintage crochet? What in particular? 




handmade by amalia said...

These are stunning, Maya. I especially like the white ones but don't think I could wear something completely transparent.

Maya Kuzman said...

Me neither Amalia. I couldn't even when a was way younger. But a slip would do a nice cover.