Friday, June 1, 2018

La Coqueta - a Brand Shout Out

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For those of you who have been following me since grandpa Noah's days, you know that one of my sweetest and longest wishes and dreams is to make children's clothes. So it was no surprise I was smitten in a heartbeat the minute I saw this amazing Spanish brand called   La Coqueta

Boys' Shirts

Celia Munoz, the creator of the brand is the mother of five and looking for traditional, timeless clothes for her children that would also possess a flair of chicness and carry a note of contemporary style, she gathered Spanish designers to work on the brand and produce beautifully made clothes which would be functional and hard-wearing: two words that would work as a spell to every mother. 

La Coqueta is known for the quality of its knitwear and the choice of colour and style. It is rare in children's' wear to find a product which is finished and designed with such care.
Celia says: "All of our Merino wool is knitted in small, family run workshops who specialise in hand knitting and every piece is finished exquisitely. Each item is washed twice (first hand washed, and then in the machine) and dried flat in order to ensure they will remain in perfect condition when they are used and worn by our customer on a regular basis. Comfort and fit is also very important. For babies, our workshops employ techniques that factor in the delicate needs of an infant, such as extra room around a babies sensitive waist area."
For Celia the process of designing a collection starts with the fabric and print. This is then translated into a pattern and a toile is made and tried on her own children to test the practicality and fit before it is launched in the next season's collection.

Discover more of La Coqueta's world.


Kim said...

I used to fashion my girls pretty dresses when they were little. I miss those days of pretty little girls' dresses, lace, sweet buttons and patent leather shoes in gorgeous hues. The outfits you have showcased here are beautiful, Maya!

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